3-day Event Pass

  • Includes all 3 courses and 3-day lift pass
  • 3-day pass to Lokdown Practice Range
  • Entrance to Core-Flex gathering area including vendor booths, demonstration areas, and food vendors.
  • Automatic entry for a chance to take a Million Dollar Shot!

From: $65.00


  • Paid children can also have the opportunity to shoot targets with their parents on the Basecamp or Pinnacle courses. Children aged 17 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Non-shooters are not allowed on the courses.
  • Absolutely NO broadheads allowed. If a shooter is caught using broadheads, they will be removed from the course immediately without a refund.
  • No crossbows are allowed on the courses.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO Drugs or Alcohol on the ski lift or courses.
  • Rangefinders and binoculars are welcome to be used on the courses.
  • Warm Up – For all shooters, the practice range will be available all day to warm up, and dial in your bow.
  • Bow cases should be left in the car or hotel room.
  • Water stations will be on the courses; however we encourage you to plan ahead and be prepared.
  • If you have any physical limitations, please let us know at the registration table.
  • We are on private grounds so please respect the property.
  • Use designated restroom facilities.
  • Use designated trash cans.
  • At no time are you allowed to leave the designated course boundaries.
  • Rokman Games reserves the right to revoke and remove any individual from the course who does not comply with course rules.